WKU student completes internship at FBI laboratory

Anne Carlisle, a chemistry and biology double major from Bowling Green, recently completed an internship with the FBI. Carlisle was the recipient of a competitive FBI Honors Internship which took her to Quantico, Virginia, to work in the main FBI laboratory.  

During her internship, Carlisle worked with Latent Print Support, which ensures the quality of latent prints. She researched various types of wet particle suspension techniques and how they developed prints of different surfaces.

Carlisle said that prints can be processed through a variety of methods. Each fingerprint is unique to an individual, so fingerprints are used in court as evidence. The better the quality of the latent print that is developed, the more identifying information can be found in that fingerprint.

WKU helped make Carlisle’s internship possible by providing her with research opportunities involving water purification, antibiotic resistance and processing fingerprint evidence. These opportunities made her competitive for the FBI internship. Carlisle has also learned valuable life skills through her job as Student Lab Manager for the computer labs in Snell Hall and Cherry Hall.  

“In addition to the knowledge I have acquired in my field, I have also learned important professional skills as well. Through my job, I have learned about managing people and customer service. Through my research, I have learned critical thinking, problem solving and presentation skills,” said Carlisle.  

But Carlisle hasn’t only been focused on science. She has also been involved in the band and orchestra during all four years of college. She is currently first chair viola in the orchestra and said that some of her best memories at WKU are of traveling with the Big Red Marching Band and the Pep Band.  

When asked what the Hilltopper Spirit means to her, Carlisle said, “To me, the Hilltopper Spirit is twofold. It is the pride of who you are and what you have achieved, and it is also a mindset to keep on climbing until you reach your goal.”

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Posted with permission from WKU News