View from the Hill: Center for Energy Systems

Whether it’s the pillow you sleep on or the sound your washing machine makes, there’s a good chance a WKU engineering student played a part in the research.

WKU’s Amy Bingham has more on the hands-on applied research being done at the Center for Energy Systems lab in this week’s View from the Hill.

Black and Decker, Tempur Sealy, Samsung Electronics. All household names, right?  Also all industries that have partnered with WKU for important research on their products.



“This actually charges…”

“Getting that accurate and concise was the hard part of the project.”

Senior Timmy Goodwin is one of nineteen undergraduate students who are conducting research at the Center for Energy Systems.

“There are so many different things I could go into with EE, electrical engineering, seeing these different  projects, what I like and what I don’t like has been super helpful.”

Since opening in 2012, the Center for Energy Systems lab has provided students with applied research directly impacting critical industrial projects.

“One of the best projects we did is a project we did for Tempur Sealy.  We built an official human head which mimics exact temperature and water evaporation of head.”

The students even get the experience of presenting their findings at high level meetings.

“That experience of industrial contact especially with higher ups in a company.  It’s something that I would never get from a regular education.”

The way the lab focuses 100 percent on undergraduates is not lost on the students who spend their time here.

“The skills they provide, the mentorship, they are always willing to help students out and train them.  I’m constantly learning from them every single day.”

“Your engineering education cannot be more realistic than what’s happening here.”

A ceremony celebrating the expansion of the Center for Energy Systems lab will be held Wednesday (April 17) at 4 p.m. in room 1115 of College High Hall. 


Posted with permission from WKU News