Small Business Accelerator client releases world’s first mobile terminology app

Code Switch Media, a client of the Kentucky Innovation Network and a tenant of the WKU Small Business Accelerator, has released the world’s first truly mobile terminology management app, INTRAKIT™.

intrakitThe app is a tool for professional interpreters and translators. This sophisticated tool (not for amateur language learners) is designed to help reduce time researching terminology. INTRAKIT ™ is complete with more than 20,000 terms compiled into categories and curated glossaries. The app provides relevant terminology from a variety of fields such as legal, medical, business and finance.

“This is not an app for everyone,” said Melannie López, CEO of Code Switch Media. “It is a sophisticated tool designed to improve individual performance, and reduce research time, thereby increasing revenues for a very specific audience of professional interpreters and translators. They know who they are and they know what this app is worth.”

Co-founded by Lopez and Alex Cruz, CTO, in April 2015, Code Switch Media creates innovative digital products and content for professional interpreters and translators.

As the voice of the world, interpreters and translators face rising complexities around the need for meaningful communication in an ever globalized society. Code Switch Media provides modern tools to enhance their performance and effectiveness, thereby improving people’s lives around the globe.

INTRAKIT™ offers its users the ability to easily create their own terminology library and to share that collection with other users. The app combines industry knowledge with innovative technology while increasing individual performance and the ability to archive terminology.

The app demonstrates Code Switch Media’s commitment to develop customizable products that allow users to meet their exact needs with an emphasis on strengthening their customer’s brands and growing their businesses.

Developed by an experienced professional interpreter, INTRAKIT ™ combines industry knowledge with cutting edge technology designed to help users harness the power of mobile. Regular updates address the challenge of ever changing language requirements.

INTRAKIT™ provides access to its database on any Android or iOS device, as well as on any desktop through the web app.

The app is currently available in English-to-Spanish, with additional languages in the works. A language neutral version will also be released to accommodate users who may work in exotic language pairs, or several different languages.

The power of the platform is the user’s ability to contribute content to the database, a feature planned for release in fall of 2016. Any user may contribute content, and if the content is selected to be added into the INTRAKIT™ database, the user will be paid for their contributions.

“We want to build this tool with the help of all of the brilliant language professionals around the world,” said Lopez. “We want them to feel invested in this product, to know that it also contains a part of their knowledge and experience.”

The app is available for a free seven-day trial exclusively through the App Store or Google Play Store in the reference category. Requires iOS 6.0 or later to download.

Contact: Melannie Lopez, (270) 392-1531 or

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