The Skeleton Revealed: Available for Pre-Order

The WKU Research Foundation is proud to announce the launch of Steve Huskey’s new book “The Skeleton Revealed.” The book is one of many projects that the WKU Research Foundation has had the opportunity to be a part of through its financial support.

The book will be released in February but is already available for pre-order from John Hopkins Press and on Amazon.

“Steve Huskey feeds our fascination with the vast diversity of animals through beautiful photographs of skeletons he meticulously prepared. Accompanied by informative and up-to-date descriptions of the animals and their lives, this book reveals the remarkable evolutionary variety in animal body plans.” —George V. Lauder, Harvard University

Steve Huskey is an associate professor of biology at Western Kentucky University. Dr. Huskey’s skeletons are on display in many venues, including the Harvard Museum of Natural History, the California Academy of Sciences, and the Miami Museum of Science and Planetarium.