WKU Small Business Accelerator

Our mission is to institute and continually improve a value proposition designed to serve the unique needs of start-up and early stage companies. We strive to develop programs tailored to entrepreneurs and to establish strategic partnerships to support our clients by leveraging key local, regional and state business development resources.

Goals & Objectives

Foster and support a growth-focused entrepreneurial community.


Establish a reliable information-sharing network through strategic partnerships with regional entities that have mission overlap to assist emerging entrepreneurs and existing business owners grow their operations.


Create and deliver streamlined programs, resources and services for our clients to leverage at all stages of business growth.

Capabilities & Services

The WKU Small Business Accelerator is a business incubator with accelerator-style services.


We provide a cost-controlled, professional environment offering high-end office and light manufacturing spaces to knowledge-based start-up and early stage companies.


Accelerator tenants and clients have access to a variety of business support services and assets to help their businesses grow and become financially viable. Our capabilities and services include but are not limited to:


  • Business Development Consulting
  • Shared Resources and Expertise
  • IT Support and Infrastructure
  • Training and Professional Development Opportunities
  • Professional Mentors and Networking
  • Connections to Local, State and Federal Funding Options
  • Access to Rapid Prototyping


The WKU Small Business Accelerator is designed to create optimal conditions for entrepreneurs and business owners to focus on growing their business and being successful in a highly competitive economy.



  • Jeff Hook Director, Center for Research and Development and Small Business Accelerator
    Executive Director, Central Region Office Kentucky Innovation Network


  • Lois Hall Administrative Assistant, Center for Research and Development


For Students 

The WKU Student Business Accelerator is a program designed specifically for student entrepreneurs. Students from all WKU major and minor programs of study with an idea for a new product or service are encouraged to join the Student Accelerator. Upon joining the Accelerator, students are provided with the same business development capabilities and services offered via the WKU Small Business Accelerator, as well as a shared workspace, at no cost. Contact us at (270) 901-3490 to learn more about the WKU Student Business Accelerator and how you may join our growing professional network.

For Faculty

The WKU Small Business Accelerator supports entrepreneurism on the Hill by welcoming any faculty or staff member with an idea to start their own knowledge-based company to join our program. Upon locating their business and becoming a client in our network, WKU faculty and staff members may leverage the Accelerator’s resources and services to aid their growing business needs. Call (270) 901-3490 to learn more about joining the WKU Small Business Accelerator.

For the Community

The WKU Small Business Accelerator promotes the entrepreneurial spirit across the region. Residents may benefit from the Accelerator’s evolving network of assets, programs and services. You do not have to be affiliated with WKU to locate your business in the Business Accelerator. Emerging entrepreneurs and existing businesses gain access to a collaborative environment to launch and grow their knowledge-based companies. If you have an idea for a new product or service, the WKU Small Business Accelerator is ready to help you turn your vision into a reality. Contact us at (270) 901-3490 to speak with a team member about joining our thriving entrepreneurial community.

Since 2004, the WKU Small Business Accelerator has helped many clients and tenants successfully expand their business in our community and across the nation. Take a moment and watch our video to see how current and former clients have benefitted from the Accelerator’s invaluable resources and connections.

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For more information about the WKU Small Business Accelerator, visit www.wku.edu/accelerator/