Engineering Manufacturing Commercialization Center

Engineering Manufacturing Commercialization Center (EMCC)

Synchronize WKU engineering and manufacturing resources with industry need

Goals & Objectives

The EMCC has three objectives: 1) to respond to the needs of industry and manufacturing; 2) to solve engineering problems; and 3) to assist in innovation and commercialization.

Capabilities & Services

Prototype development PCB design and manufacturing (simulation capabilities, schematic layout, board creation and population) Software design (microprocessor programming, smart device applications, web page development) Access to Machining Capabilities (3D printing and scanning, water-jet cutting, CNC, laser cutting, plasma cutting and welding, load frames for testing)


We obtain funding through external grants, contracts with individuals and industry, and internal support.




We also have many students working in the center:

Patrick Stewart (Undergraduate Student, Electrical Engineering)
David Hall (Undergraduate Student, Electrical Engineering)
Jeremiah Russell (Undergraduate Student, Electrical Engineering)
Jublilee Sneed (Undergraduate Student, Mechanical Engineering)
Michael Bradley (Undergraduate Student, Electrical Engineering)
Cory Smith (Undergraduate Student, Civil Engineering)
Christopher Goulet (Undergraduate Student, Computer Science)
Daniel Salami (Undergraduate Student, Computer Science)
Jonathan Kinnard (Gatton Student)
Clara Pozgay (Gatton Student)
Aida Pourshirazi (Graduate Student, Advanced Manufacturing)



For Students

We hire students to assist on the wide variety of projects in our center. These projects include prototype development (proof of concept) for inventors, industry projects, and commercialization projects.

For Faculty

Faculty bring projects to our center for assistance and expertise. We also hire faculty to help execute projects.

For the Community

Individual inventors and companies come to our center for engineering and manufacturing needs.

Our greatest success is that we are a new center that was created approximately 5 years ago. We have grown into a successful revenue generating center. Our student workers interact directly with industry members during project execution.

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We have participated in three KSTC Commfund grants for over $200k in funding to move an idea toward commercialization. We have assisted in one patent application and two provisional patent applications. One company has spun off from our center. We have assisted approximately 20 inventors in the creation of prototypes and product development.

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