Ogden Foundation Scholar thankful for WKU experience

As someone who has been trading stock options since age 16, Kyla Scanlon knows a thing or two about return on investment.

Before starting her first semester at WKU, Scanlon took stock of her options in the sciences before settling on business. “I really like math so I thought that engineering might be a really good path for me, but I was just immediately drawn back into economics and finance,” the Louisville senior said. (More: View from the Hill)

During her undergraduate career in WKU’s Gordon Ford College of Business, Scanlon has triple majored in Financial Management, Economics and Business Data Analytics. She also has launched her own finance blog, managed a $500,000 portfolio as part of the TVA Investment Challenge, has conducted award-winning research, has served as a leader for Women in Business and other groups, has completed summer internships with businesses in Louisville and is a member of WKU’s Mahurin Honors College.

On May 10 at WKU’s 185th Commencement, she will be recognized as the Ogden Foundation Scholar, the top undergraduate academic award.



Scanlon never expected to be selected for the award when she applied earlier this spring. “I am pretty involved on campus. I pay very close attention to my academics. But this honor is just so cool. I’m super thankful.”

She’s also thankful for the support she’s received from faculty and staff in the Gordon Ford College of Business. “The professors I have had here, the relationships, the mentorship, I can’t speak highly enough about the experience I’ve had in the College of Business. It’s just been phenomenal.”

Scanlon isn’t waiting long to put her education, research interest and finance background to use. After considering several offers, she has taken a job in fixed income research with Capital Group in Los Angeles, California.

“I decided that this opportunity at Capital would offer me the biggest learning experience because I can rotate through so many aspects of fixed income. I can just learn a little bit more about that side of finance. Right now with my blog I focus so much on equity analysis and single stock analysis, that I think getting that exposure in the fixed income side will just help my overall learning experience.”

Posted with permission from WKU News