July 2019

Dr. Kevin Williams, (Chemistry), was awarded a National Science Foundation – Major Research Instrumentation grant that will fund the purchase of a new nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) instrument.

Dr. Eric Conte  (Chemistry), Dr. Matt Nee (Chemistry), Dr. Phillip Gunter (Agriculture and Food Science), Dr. Paul Woosley (Agriculture and Food Science), Dr. Jason Polk (Geography and Geology), and Dr. Moon-Soo Kim (Chemistry) all received funding from the USDA for a research project titled, “Developing Safe, Efficient and Environmentally Sound Management Practices for the Use of Animal Manure.”

Dr. Stuart Foster (Geography and Geology) received funding from the Kentucky Agricultural Development Fund for “Kentucky Mesonet Instrumentation Upgrade and Enhancement to Support the Kentucky Drought Early Warning System”

Dr. Audra Jennings (History & Office of Scholar Development) received a grant from the National Science Foundation to fund a Scholars Award titled, “Insecurity: Disability, the Great Depression, and the New Deal State.”

Dr. Joel Turner (Political Science) received a grant from the Logan County Fiscal Court to conduct a “Quality of Life Survey for Logan County Parks and Recreation.”

Dr. Ajay Srivastava (Biology) was awarded a National Science Foundation – Major Instrumentation Research grant that will fund the acquisition of a Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope for research and instruction at WKU.

Dr. Matt Nee (Chemistry), received funding from the Kentucky Water Resources Research Institute for his research focused on “Buoyant Photocatalysts for Water Resource Cleaning.”

Dr,Yongming Deng (Chemistry), received funding from the American Chemical Society for his research project titled, “Photoredox Catalyzed Oxidative Functionalization of Alkynes with Amine N-Oxides: A New Alkyne Activation Strategy.”

August 2019

Dr. Rachel Tinius (Kinesiology, Recreation, & Sport), received funding from the National Institutes of Health INBRE program to develop a mobile health application to address obesity and physical inactivity in pregnant and postpartum women. Dr. Tinius will be collaborating with Dr. Nancy Schoenberg from the University of Kentucky on the project.