About the WKU Research Foundation (WKURF)

The WKU Research Foundation (RF) is composed of board members with expertise in various areas of science, technology, entrepreneurship, business development, economic development, and fundraising. Because of the expertise of its members, this Board has the potential to connect resources to advance initiatives developed at WKU by faculty and students.

The RF Board is interested in facilitating the connection of these resources to several campus initiatives that will support their growth and long term viability.

The Role of the WKURF

  • Support the education and research missions of WKU and promote its scholarly research, technology transfer and economic development.
  • Facilitate connections between available regional and WKU resources to support the advancement of innovative ideas, initiatives, centers/labs, etc.
  • Create and maintain a campus-wide digital platform to market and develop a cross-campus research/innovation presence

WKURF.org: A Digital Platform to promote research

The RF Board believes that a significant opportunity exists to impact the advancement of faculty and student research/scholarly initiatives through the creation of an interactive Digital Platform that shares the products of intellectual activity with the widest audience.  Thus, wkurf.org was built as a cross-campus digital research presence that focuses on advancing initiatives as well as research and scholarly outcomes and their impacts.

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