32 WKU, Gatton Academy students to present research Feb. 19 at 2015 Posters-at-the-Capitol

WEATHER UPDATE: Due to this week’s winter storm, the 2015 Posters-at-the-Capitol has been cancelled. For more details, visit https://www.facebook.com/postersatthecapitol

Thirty-two students from WKU and the Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science in Kentucky will present their research at the 2015 Posters-at-the-Capitol event Feb. 19 in Frankfort.P@C 2015 Cover.pub

  • Richard Arnold, a senior from Cleaton, and Caitlyn Clark, a senior from Roundhill, will present Building Envelope Integrity Assessments. Faculty mentor: Robert Choate
  • Brooke Barber, a senior from Frankfort, and Whitney Walker, a senior from Crestwood, will present Influence of Rodents on Recruitment of Ecologically and Economically Important Tree Species in Decline in South Africa. Faculty mentor: Michael Stokes
  • Cayla Baughn, a junior from Westmoreland, Tennessee, will present H2SO4 Contamination of Freeman Branch Creek, Alabama from Disturbance of Geologic Materials During Highway Construction. Faculty mentor: Chris Groves
  • Anna Braun, a Gatton Academy senior from Union; Kelly McKenna, a Gatton Academy senior from Crestwood; Dharmesh Patel, a senior from Bowling Green; Rachana Neesu, a graduate student from Bowling Green; Jack Ferguson, a senior from Union; Paige Huzyak, a senior from Bowling Green; Jeremiah Sharpensteen, a senior from Bonnieville; and Lan Xu, a graduate student from Bowling Green, will present Donor-Acceptor Nanostructures for Energy Harvesting. Faculty mentor: Hemali Rathnayake
  • Hamilton Ryan Brindley, a junior from Adairville; Jennifer Gaiko, a senior from Bowling Green; and Kendra L. Whitaker, a senior from Milton, will present Architecture and its Societal Significance. Faculty mentor: Shahnaz Aly
  • Trevor Davis, a senior from Louisville, will present Challenges of Living with HIV/AIDS: Photo Analysis of Patient Perception of Needs. Faculty mentor: William Mkanta
  • Benjamin Guthrie, a Gatton Academy senior from Bowling Green, will present Monte Carlo Simulation of a Micro-Nuclear Battery. Faculty mentors: Phillip C. Womble and Keith Andrew
  • Cody Kirk, a senior from Owensboro, and Jordan Nushart, a junior from Waukesha, Wisconsin, will present Who Wants My Product? Affinity-Based Marketing. Faculty mentor: Leyla Zhuhadar
  • Abigail Lewis, a senior from Shelbyville, will present Impacts of Integrity and Professionalism in Social Networking Profiles on Employer Judgments. Faculty mentor: Amber Schroeder
  • Ryne McMullen, a senior from Mount Washington; Wade Weatherholt, a senior from Cloverport; and Samuel Wells, a senior from Paris, will present Effects of Static and Dynamic Stretching on Vertical Jump Performance. Faculty mentor: Jason Crandall
  • Harsh Moolani, a Gatton Academy junior from Owensboro; Allyson King, a Gatton Academy senior from Florence; and Rena Ryumae, a Gatton Academy senior from Union, will present Gold Nanoparticles with Potent Antibacterial and Anticancer Activity & Novel Experimental Procedure for Expression and Purification of Human Fibroblast Growth Factor-1 and Its Receptor – Relevance in Cancer Research. Faculty mentor: Rajalingam Dakshinamurthy
  • Carson Price, a junior from Paducah, will present Hybrid Multilayer Thin Film Supercapacitors of Electrochemically Processed Graphene Nanosheets with Conducting Polymers for Alternative Energy Storage Applications. Faculty mentor: Sanju Gupta
  • Jade Primicias, a senior from Cordova, Tennessee, will present Fusion of Art Forms Across the World: Exploring Contemporary Dance in the United States and Great Britain. Faculty mentor: Clifton Brown
  • Katherine Queen, a senior from Nicholasville, will present Ghanaian (Akan) Widows’ Oral History: Identity Narratives. Faculty mentor: Rose Korang-Okrah
  • Lindsey Shain, a junior from Coxs Creek, will present Cell Phone Use and History of Motor Vehicle Crash. Faculty mentor: Stephen O’Connor
  • Jack Wassom, a Gatton Academy senior from Bowling Green, will present An Experimental Investigation Into the Micro-electro-discharge Machining of Aerospace Material Ti-6Al-4V. Faculty mentor: Muhammad Jahan

In its 14th year, Posters-at-the-Capitol is intended to help Kentucky government officials to better understand the importance of undergraduate research. More: 2015 Posters-at-the-Capitol program booklet; details on WKU, Gatton Academy research projects

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