2016 Faculty Awards Reception April 12

The 2016 Faculty Awards Reception will be held at 3 p.m. April 12 at the Faculty House. WKU annually recognizes outstanding contributions by faculty members in the areas of Teaching, Research/Creativity, Public Service and Student Advisement. This year WKU is introducing a new award recognizing the excellence of Part-Time Instructors. The following faculty members have been selected by each of the colleges for recognition this year. In addition to receiving an award at the college level, these individuals are finalists for the university-wide awards, which will be announced at Commencement.

University College

  • Ms. Julie Shadoan (Professional Studies) – Teaching Award
  • Dr. Dawn Hall (University Studies) – Research/Creativity Award
  • Dr. Molly Kerby (Diversity & Community Studies) – Public Service Award
  • Dr. John Baker (Professional Studies) – Student Advisement Award
  • Dr. Brandi Button (Diversity & Community Studies) – Part-Time Instructor Award

College of Education and Behavioral Sciences

  • Dr. Janet Tassell (Teacher Education) – Teaching Award
  • Dr. Jie Zhang (Educational Administration, Leadership, and Research) – Research/Creativity Award
  • Dr. Pamela Jukes (Teacher Education) – Public Service Award
  • Dr. Gary Houchens (Educational Administration, Leadership, and Research) – Student Advisement Award
  • Dr. Sharon Blevins (Psychology) – Part-Time Instructor Award

College of Health and Human Services

  • Dr. Joseph Evans (Allied Health) – Teaching Award
  • Dr. Darbi Haynes-Lawrence (Family and Consumer Sciences) – Research/Creativity Award
  • Dr. Patricia Desrosiers (Social Work) – Public Service Award
  • Dr. April Murphy (Social Work) – Student Advisement Award
  • Ms. Sandra McClain (Social Work) – Part-Time Instructor Award

Gordon Ford College of Business

  • Dr. Dennis Wilson (Economics) – Teaching Award
  • Dr. David Zimmer (Economics) – Research/Creativity Award
  • Dr. Brian Strow (Economics) – Public Service Award
  • Dr. LeAnne Coder (Management) – Student Advisement Award
  • Mr. Aaron Morris (Economics) – Part-Time Instructor Award

Ogden College of Science and Engineering

  • Dr. Hope Marchionda (Mathematics) – Teaching Award
  • Dr. Jarrett Johnson (Biology) – Research/Creativity Award
  • Dr. Richard Gelderman (Physics and Astronomy) – Public Service Award
  • Dr. Ajay Srivastava (Biology) – Student Advisement Award
  • Mr. Lee Ross Dinwiddie (Architectural and Manufacturing Sciences) – Part-Time Instructor Award

Potter College of Arts & Letters

  • Dr. Audrey Anton (Philosophy and Religion) – Teaching Award
  • Dr. Timothy Rich (Political Science) – Research/Creativity Award
  • Dr. Patricia Minter (History) – Public Service Award
  • Dr. David LeNoir (English) – Student Advisement Award
  • Ms. Laura Houchens (English) – Part-Time Instructor Award

University Libraries

  • Ms. Katherine Pennavaria (Library Public Services) – Research/Creativity Award
  • Ms. Sue Lynn McDaniel (Library Special Collections) – Public Service Award

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