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The WKU Research Foundation exists to support the education and research missions of WKU and promote its scholarly research, technology transfer and economic development. The WKURF.org digital platform is a cross-campus digital research presence that focuses on advancing initiatives as well as research and scholarly outcomes and their impacts.

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The Biotechnology Center

Research Centers

Advanced Materials Institute

The Advanced Materials Institute provides access to advanced scientific instrumentation for the characterization of materials in support of the educational, research and public service missions of WKU for faculty and students interested in materials science.

Applied Physics Institute (API)

The mission of the API is to conduct advanced research to solve real world problems, provide educational experiences to students, and advance the high tech development of the region.

Engineering Manufacturing Commercialization Center (EMCC)

The EMCC’s mission is to synchronize WKU engineering and manufacturing resources with industry need. This is accomplished by responding to the needs of industry and manufacturing, solving engineering problems and assisting in innovation and commercialization.

Folk Studies and Anthropology/Kentucky Folklife Program

The Kentucky Folklife Program educates students about folklore and anthropology through experiential learning and is committed to identifying, documenting, and conserving the diverse traditional culture and heritage of the Commonwealth.

Kentucky Climate Center

The Kentucky Climate Center conducts research and provides a wide range of weather and climate services. It serves as the State Climate Office for Kentucky and is a partner with the National Weather Service and others.

National Science Foundation (NSF) Research Experience for Undergraduate (REU) program

The REU program provides undergraduate students a unique opportunity to gain hands-on research experience on a topic related to the program theme, which focuses on the utilization or examination of technology as a means of advancing psychological research.

NOVA Center

As the only University in the USA or North America with the availability of this technology, the NOVA Center will provide unrivaled Nanometrology, characterization, and analytical services by using the LC-SEM.

Ogden College Electron Microscopy Facility

The Ogden College Electron Microscopy Facility provides training and equipment so that anyone within Ogden College can prepare and observe samples using electron microscopy.

The Biotechnology Center

The Biotechnology Center seeks to enhance the WKU academic environment through fostering interdisciplinary collaboration of faculty, and providing modern infrastructure, equipment, and training to its members and their students for biotechnology-centered research.

Thermal Analysis Laboratory

The Thermal Analysis Lab provides access to advanced scientific instrumentation for the measurement of the thermal properties of materials in support of the educational, research and public service missions of WKU for faculty and students requiring thermal analysis data.

WKU Small Business Accelerator

The mission of the WKU Small Business Accelerator is to institute and continually improve a value proposition designed to serve the unique needs of start-up and early stage companies. We strive to develop programs tailored to entrepreneurs and to establish strategic partnerships to support our clients by leveraging key local, regional and state business development resources.

Amelia L. Smith, a second year graduate student under Prof. Keith Philips, is studying the biodiversity of a group of insects called spider beetles.

Our Values


We believe that the promotion of scholarly research can lead to the discovery of creative solutions for real world problems.


To further our mission, we seek to facilitate connections between WKU and external entities to support the advancement of innovative ideas, initiatives, and research centers.


As creativity takes many shapes and forms, we seek to highlight and promote the creative partnerships, collaborations, and scholarly activities in our WKU community.


We believe that the research initiatives in which we participate will enhance growth and long term success of WKU and the local and global communities that we serve.

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